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You can search for a date, day, week, or month. If you would prefer to visit on a day offering an information session for a specific major or college, select from the “Category” drop down menu.


1.) You can either search on the Calendar View (below), by month, week, or day. Simply click “More” on any given date to see all of your options for that day.

2.) If you have a specific date in mind or are interested in visiting on a day when we offer an information session for a specific major or college, you can choose the “Search Tab.”

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We understand that choosing the right college involves more than the student alone. That's why we request contact information for students and a parent or guardian. The student's e-mail is the Rhody Connection Username.

There is one Rhody Connection account for each student. Once you create a unique password, please provide it to your parent and/or guardian for them to receive e-mails, participate in online chats, or register for campus events. Passwords are private and we cannot retrieve them for you, but they can be reset at any time.

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